While other Nigerian 4G networks are still scrabbling to expand their 4G LTE coverage we are already talking about 4G LTE-A or LTE-Advanced, which is essentially a faster version of 4G. If you think you are getting good speeds now on your fancy new 4G devices, you have not seen anything yet!

The trend of faster mobile services enable users of mobile devices including Routers, Mobile WIFI (MIFI), Dongles, Smartphones and tablets to access the internet far faster than was previously possible. This means that web sites load quicker, gaming services can be accessed, full-HD video streaming service and demanding online games is enjoyed without buffering or stuttering, and media such as high-definition movies, and music can be streamed to devices at a far quicker rate than ever before. VDT LTE is able to launch with this new ultra-fast 4G-LTE-Advanced service that includes a group video chat offering, with better quality of video and audio than ever before.


Enjoy unbeatable internet service in your neighbourhood! IKOYI, VICTORIA ISLAND, LAGOS ISLAND, ...and IKEJA coming soon!


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