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  • Being the best price performance, end-to-end Network in the country.
  • Offer unique quality service.
  • Build on our Strengths, Invest in our Staff and give value to our environment

Our unwavering determination and commitment to continuously research, develop and test the technology that is relied upon by our customers is top priority. In a rapidly changing and competitive market, we are directing resources towards the development of new products in the fast growing area of telecommunications. Our business is based upon trust and integrity that is never compromised and that, in turn, ensures customer satisfaction.Our vision focuses on research and development, technological superiority and the important task of cultivating strong relationships. We continue to expand our commitment in the Nigerian market, while providing products and systems designed to support the evolving communications environment into the future.

VDT Communications Limited employs individuals who represent a range of knowledge covering the telecommunications industry. The team is competitive, dynamic, energized, flexible and committed to our customers across both the Optical and terrestrial networks.We deliver top quality service and products to our customers. VDT Communications Limited connotes a sense of trust and dependability that is the combination of our liaison with the major carriers-MTN, GLO and NITEL.

Here at VDT Communications Limited, we realise that customer demand and the drive for new revenue growth is changing the market. Customers want an increasingly diverse menu of services, delivered at a time and place convenient to them, paid for in a variety of ways: sometimes in advance, sometimes now, sometimes later; the choice they would expect when shopping for other products and services today.

This presents new challenges to network operators and requires change, often even additions to existing operational and business support systems. The old applications map is changing radically in Nigeria and a fresh approach is needed.

  • Agility in all that we do.
  • Research to help us anticipate customer business needs
  • Domain expertise underpinning technical prowess
  • Practical innovation that works in the field

We have brought our strengths to bear on these new challenges and have built a suite of capabilities based on a platform that can meet tomorrow’s requirements as well as today’s without further upheaval and investment.

At VDT Communications Limited, we believe that the new technologies require intelligence and decision making to be brought close to the network, rather than dispersed through layers of interfaced applications. We believe that speed of response is of the essence and that a real-time approach is needed for tasks that were previously carried out after the event. This is engineered into everything we do.VDT Communications Limited enables rapid service creation and launch, letting you decide whether and how much to supply, allowing variable charging structures and payment methods to suit the service and your customers, whether a business, family unit or individual. We’ll keep your partners happy too and ensure you emerge with your expected revenues and margins intact.

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